Analysis on the 2021 Natanz attacks from someone who responded to Stuxnet

Iran’s Natanz nuclear enrichment facility

CAVP, CMVP, FIPS 140–3, and why we need a better way to measure good cryptography with ideally less acronyms

Tom Hardy burning his Spitfire to resist its capture by the Wehrmacht at the end of Dunkrirk. In modern data centers, some cryptographic systems use similar techniques to protect encryption under FIPS 140–2 Level 4

The CAVP: the “Hacker News” of crypto

Why Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) is critical to saving privacy, the economy, and the world

How solving some of the Millennium Prize Problems may threaten traditional cryptography and information security

The original work behind the Riemann Hypothesis

P vs NP

Judging cryptography with Kerkhoff’s Principle — and what that means for security and open source

A no buzzword guide to blockchains — and why most engineers in distributed computing are unimpressed

Randomness runs the world — but not all randomness is equal

Entropy: great if its being wielded by /dev/random, not so great if it’s being wielded by Thanos to kill everyone

The History of Randomness

What it looked like to connect to a game of Counter-Strike in 2003. The declining cost of video game servers highlights how industrial organization plays a defining role in lowering the cost of computing

Andy Manoske

Principal PM for Cryptography and Security Products @HashiCorp. Formerly Defense/NatSec & Crypto @NetApp, VC @GGVCapital + @AmplifyPartners

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