Bangkok Dangerous

Bangkok at Night
The global price of 3.5" SATA 7200RPM 1TB HDs spiked over 180% in one month after the Thai factories manufacturing their production for various global tech brands was flooded during the 2011 Thai monsoons. The Thai floods also temporarily increased the global prices of computers and smart devices using Thai-manufactured components.
Thail and Vietnamese industrial electronics exports grew markedly during the Great Depression, with Vietnam largely driving Asia’s industrial growth for the sector during the period
Thai soldiers patrolling the streets. In 2014 Thailand’s government was replaced in a military coup, a move that has helped to further complicate the country’s ability to convert its rapid economic growth into lasting domestic prosperity
With Thai/US relations cooling due to Thailand’s military coup, Thailand has increasingly turned to Russia for military aid and trade. But with Russia’s economy struggling due to sanctions, it’s unlikely whether Russia can serve as a major source of foreign capital investment



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Andy Manoske

Andy Manoske

Principal PM for Cryptography and Security Products @HashiCorp. Formerly Defense/NatSec & Crypto @NetApp, VC @GGVCapital + @AmplifyPartners