• Nate McGrath

    Nate McGrath

    Marketing & social in the insurance field. Dad to three bros. Podcast connoisseur. Good design makes things better. UX. Alt Country and guitars.

  • Jason Cavnar

    Jason Cavnar

    Entrepreneur. Builder. Investor. Coach.

  • Frank Wang

    Frank Wang

    Duke 2017 CS grad. Asian-American. Young Dumb & Broke.

  • Kunal Tandon

    Kunal Tandon

    I like internet, books, sports, TV, Costco, live music, and burritos.

  • Chris Murphy

    Chris Murphy

    Technologist, developer, husband and father. Geeky for #cybersecurity, #cyberintelligence, ML/AI & Data Science. CTO @ TruSTAR @trustartech

  • Patrick Mathieson

    Patrick Mathieson

    early stage VC at Toba Capital. Now writing at thedownround.substack.com

  • Gautam Bose

    Gautam Bose

    Design Student at Carnegie Mellon University, ‘19

  • SRMerola


    I'm a musician, songwriter. I've also produced, and once ran an indie label.

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